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UvećajThis collection comprises the works from the turn of the 20th century, the dominant group being the creations of the late seventies. These are mainly the works presented on exhibitions of south Slavic peoples from 1967 on, which formed a valuable collection consisting of drawings, water colours, oil paintings and sculptures, including all artistic trends regardless of generation and style.
This collection includes the works of Ismet Mujezinović, Emir Dragulj, Mario Mikulić, Adela Behr Vukić, Roman Petrović, Mevludin Ekmečić, Kosta Hakman, Krsto Hegedušić, Franjo Leder, Omer Mujadžić and others.

ZoomThe collection of sculptures as part of the "COLLECTION OF CONTEMPORARY PORTRAIT" comprises the works of Kosta Angeli Radovani, Ibrahim Bilajac, Stevan Bodnarov, Branko Ružić, Ivan Sabolić, Stipe Sikirica, Dragiša Trifković, Marija Ujević, Vanja Raduš, Franjo Leder, Aleksandar Zarin, Zdenko Grgić, Vjekoslav Rukljač and others.
UvećajThe collection of drawings, graphics, water colours and oil paintings by Adela Behr Vukić, the first woman-painter in Tuzla and Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the most complete collection of the works of this artist. She played a pioneer role in the artistic movement of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the beginning of the 20th century.
UvećajJames (Haim) Pinto was born in Bosnia, and grew up in Tuzla where he was encouraged by his professors to pursue art. He became friend with and studied alongside painter Ismet Mujezinovic. In 1939 he left to join his sister in Hollywood, California, where he began work at Disney Studios, and after serving in the army during World War II, became a student of painting at Chouinard. He visited Mexico, where he met muralist David Siqueiros. In the late 1940s he left Los Angeles to live and teach in Mexico. He taught painting at the Allende Institute in San Miguel de Allende, where he would become Dean and build his reputation as one of the best Mexican-American muralists of his day.
James (Haim) Pinto’s Legacy was launched in 1987 by the donation of the artist himself and his sisters Erna Englander and Nada Milland. This collection consists of drawings, graphics, paintings and sculptures.
UvećajISMET MUJEZINOVIĆ GALLERY, founded on 2nd December 1982 as part of the Portrait Gallery, comprises more than 2000 works of art, including drawings, water colours, graphics and paintings covering a period from 1925 up to the eighties, and personal belongings. Ismet Mujezinović was born on 2nd December 1907 in Tuzla, where he died on 7th January 1984. He graduated from the Royal Art's Academy in Zagreb in 1929. He lived in France from 1931 to 1933, where he started a postgraduate study in the history of art department in the Sorbonne. While he was living in France, he used to visit museums and galleries, studios of famous painters – Lot, Ortis and others. When he returned from France, he lived in Zagreb, Bijeljina, Tuzla. He settled in Sarajevo, where several artists' communities were formed : „Četvorica“, „Krug“, „Collegium Artisticum“ and was significantly involved in their actions. He participated in the National Liberation Front of Yugoslavia (NOB) as a fighter, propagandist, journalist, actor, stage manager. During the first session of the Anti-Fascist Council of the People's Liberation of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ), he decorated the hall where it was held. He illustrated the first books of Ivo Andrić and was one of the founders of the State School of painting in Sarajevo. He was one of the Yugoslavian artists who made Tito's portrait in 1946/47 and in 1977. In 1953 he moved from Sarajevo to Tuzla where he worked on big figurative compositions representing the National Liberation Front. He had a great number of solo and collective exhibitions in the country and abroad. He was a permanent member of the Science and Art Academy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a correspondent of the Yugoslavian Science and Art Society in Zagreb, a member of the Federation Council, the first emeritus Doctor of Science of the Tuzla University and one of the founders of the Portrait Gallery in Tuzla. 
UvećajThe permanent exhibition "Tito in the Painters’ Works" of the International portrait gallery in Tuzla means the revival of a creative enthusiasm for portraiture, a neglected branch of the fine arts.
It is the richest and most remarkable contribution to its development.
Portraits of Tito were made in 1947 in Belgrade and in 1977 in Bugojno. This collection comprises the works of Ismet Mujezinović, Safet Zec, Ljubo Lah, Mersad Berber, Salim Obralić, Božidar Jakac, Janez Knez, Antun Augustinčić, Mario Mikulić and others.

This collection includes the works of Ismet Mujezinović, Rodoljub Anastasov, Adela Behr Vukić, Nezir Čorbić, Mensur Dervišević, Kosta Hakman, Ljubo Lah, Omer Mujadžić, Ismar Mujezinović, Sigo Sumerecker, Ivo Šeremet, Nesim Tahirović and others.
UvećajThis collection forms a separate section reviewing the subject of portraiture and dealing with drawings and graphic arts. Created in 1980, the collection consists of the works coming from various arts centres in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and former Yugoslavia.

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